A Truly Gifted Actor

I do not think I have ever seen Mr. Freeman in a film that I didn't enjoy tremendously. He is incredibley talented. Probably one of the most trusted faces/voices on the planet. I have loved every single film in this clip! Enjoy!!!

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get a petition going...,,he's smart.

I didn't even know that, Chipperchick! Thanks for letting us know.....we were just celebrating his films, his voice, his generosity, his charities........it doesn't surprise me at all, but I wasn't aware of it, so THANK YOU for sharing that with us.<br />
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Can the man be anymore amazing??? Think we can convince him to run for president?!

He is a scientist...He is doing a show for the Science channel,about his ideas,mand creations...He is also one of the greatest astronomical minds...<br />
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now, how cool can he continue, to get....um, umm, good...

You said it all! = )<br />
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Thanks for commenting, sugar.

He is awesome! I don't have much more to say on the subject.

That is so true. I love his voice. Thanks for the comment, Kaybea1

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Fungirl. I can't seem to choose a favorite, he has made so many great films, kinda love them all.

Shawshank was SWEET!!

He had so many great ones. Seven....Unforgiven...Driving Miss Daisy... Shawshank. This is great, thanks for sharing.

Oh, jeez! People are rude to one another on EP a zillion times a day and here we are falling over one another to avoid offending or upsetting each other. <br />
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I wouldn't have been offended at all, but the fact that you cared about it enuf to include it is VERY endearing to me! *Mwah*

Actually no, I didn't want to offend you inadvertently! LOL<br />
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((Hugs)) :)

Are you making fun of me for referring to him as Mister? LMAO.....I was just trying to show how much I admired and respected him. <br />
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Silly! *giggles*

You have impeccable taste in actors, Chiquita. I really like both Mr Freeman and Mr Samuels...excellent actors and gentleman.<br />
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May I also add to that list Mr Gary Sinise, Mr Tom Hanks, Mr Mel Gibson and Mr Clint Eastwood.<br />
All extremely talented, intelligent me and actors, as well as contributors to society.

I have no idea, TexasLily, about the song or a DVD compilation of all of Mr. Freeman's films. <br />
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I will see what I can dig up about the music, let me know if you find out anything about a DVD compilation, I would LOVE to own one myself. Thanks for the comment. = )

lol...oops...my bad...sorry, I thought you were disrespecting Mr.Freeman and Mr. Samuels, whom I am also a HUGE fan of.....glad I was mistaken! = )

it was a joke...lol...it just seems that way....I like both actors very much.<br />
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That is ridiculous.

Did you know that they have it written into their contracts that either Morgan Freeman OR Samuel L. Jackson MUST appear in every Hollywood movie. But they can never appear in the same movie.

Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!! = )

Thanks Whatnow for reading and commenting. Did you watch the clip?? I had forgotten some of them, so now I'm rifling through the DVDs, wanting to watch 'em again! LOL