Mozart Operas - All Wonderful, But Some Better Than Others Because ....

My 1st nomination for one of the best Mozart opera performance piece on  goes to:
"ROH Mozart Le Nozze Di Figaro Cinque Dieci/Se a caso Madama"
Here is the link:

Below my comments and "observations"
0:07 like maid's REALLY hungry look (no wonder)
1:14 sure Figaro knows his measuring business, so sweet...    
2:30 he is pretty SERIOUS and convincing here, call fire marshall :o, :)
3:52 nice ... sure hard not to laugh
4:14 and again Miah has really hard time to keep straight face    
4:39 sorry, here thumbs down for Suzanna :(
5:22 Erwin pretty HOT!
7:14 Erwin pretty NOT hot!
7:36 where's that horse? :)))))

Post your nominations . I think I still have some more...



TedZ TedZ
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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Surely great performances like those below deserve some note. <br />
Same music no matter how "Mozart Great", may be even greater because of those wonderful and divine gifted opera stars, not just ... singing, but truly performing them with their hearths and souls. <br />
There are many more gems like that out there. Do not like the comments idea, forget it. Just share here what you like the MOST. <br />
1..<br /><br />
2...<br /><br />
3....<br />