Mozart Resource Story

Here are some recommended links to other Mozart sites on the Internet. It appears to me that none of them is complete, however, already they include an enormous wealth of information.    

A. The most organized site with list of all Compositions, Biography and interested Essays:

B. Here is another site also with List of Works but in addition with very convenient and handy access to short sound files to ID the music piece:

C. I would like to add link to this documentary (IMHO "Amadeus" does not give full justice):  

"The Genius of Mozart" (2004)
A gem from the BBC, "The Genius of Mozart" is an enlightening and enveloping reconstruction of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's (1756--1791) life. Masterfully written and directed, this three-episode UK TV mini-series became an instant hit when aired in March of 2004, so much so as to inspire the equivalent to be made of Ludwig Van Beethoven's life (a three-part series simply called "Beethoven", which is also uploaded by the same user

(this link has  separate addresses to other pieces of this documentary so it is easy to return to watching PRESS "more info" to reveal links)

Episode 1: "A Miracle of Nature" (Parts 1-6)
Episode 2: "A Passion for the Stage" (Parts 7-12)
Episode 3: "The First Romantic" (Parts 13-18)
Runtime: 02:55:08

Please add here if you know better resource.

Does this make a Project Experience story? Perhaps we in this Group could develop its own Project by adding links (sound/video)of music by Mozart?


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