A Happy Mistake

I first had Munchos, as an accident. My birth-father, when I was age 8, was too lazy to go into the store and pick up a few bags of chips for me and my sister. So he sent my six year old sister into the store to get it. We usually get Herrs chips, it was 25 cents a bag, then. But, my sister being so young, went in and picked the nearest bag that had the picture of chips on it. It was Munchos. He was also too lazy to go back and get our usual brand, so we were stuck with those. :-/

At first, I was annoyed. But then, when I ate the first chip... I changed my mind! And that was the start of my sister and I buying Munchos on purpose, every afternoon. It wasn't until I was 16, that I stopped eating them... because I got tired of eating Munchos all the time. Do the math... a bag of Munchos, every afternoon, from age 6 to 16. XD

But every now and then, as an adult, I do grab a bag of Munchos and enjoy! They are tasty! :-)

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Mar 23, 2009