Not Some Hardcore Body Builder...

I do like muscles on a guy...

but not reeeally defined ones..

not overly big ones.

Like, i don't like guys with biceps that are so big he cant touch his head..

But i am partial to niceee toned abs... x-]

And pecs..

=P But if they're too muscley, they tend to be a bit self-obsessed =/

... Or not too bright xD

But seriously.. 6-pac and a bit o' biceps... NOM ;D

CatoriLuna CatoriLuna
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Lol, so what you going on about this?

6 is enough for me! =D loooooooove it >.

lol I don't like being really really buff either =p its overated but having a fit body is always good =)

Well, yeah =D but i don't like them really really buff

lol, dear I thought that was a given with you liking a man that is well fit and who can take care of you =p