How Can I Not?

The only thing I have ever attached myself too while I was yooung was music. I would sit infront of the piano for hours, just pounding out little tunes. I progressed to a sax at the end of elementary school. I loved it. I would sit in my room and learn every note to every song in the work book that was given to me. I was first in line in my band. I grew comfortable with how much I knew and stopped learning. My teacher got so mad. He knew I could achieve more but I just didn't want to. I switched to the flute. I just needed something new. I got pretty good but eventually it ended up just like my sax. I could play but I had no motive to learn anymore. I moved to the guitar, the drums, trumpit and others, But each new instrument got older faster then the previous.

Now I'm in high school and  technical and vocational program. Electronics. Next year I will be a senior, which includes a senior project. I'm going to be mixing the two things a know most about. Music and technology. I'm going to be making and explaining and electric guitar. I know so much about both subjects that it should be a piece of cake. Plus I also have plenty of people that I can turn to to help me with it. More then two months ago Someone became my new obsession. She's my life aand my world....and her step dad also knows a thing or two about electronics. It's going to be all too simple.

Anndei Anndei
26-30, F
Apr 9, 2007