I Like Music With Meaning - The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

This song has so much meaning for me.  It is a true song and I remember this night so well.  

I was seventeen and alone with my newborn baby girl.  She was sleeping peacefully on the couch beside me.   My heart was in my throat as I worried about the plight of these poor souls.  I offered never ending prayers for them.   My husband had been gone all day and I wondered where he was (he did not return until the following day).  So, I sat with my baby during this raging, violent storm.  

The power was out.  I had candles close by, one was glowing softly, stuck to a saucer with it's own wax, sitting on an upturned pail as I had no table to place it on.  Next to it was my transistor radio (the kind that took a nine volt battery).  I listened as the storm was raging and they kept me updated about the many tragedies this storm brought with it.   The search for the Edmund Fitzgerald was the main story that night.  It will live on in my memory forever.

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I also like listening to Gordon Lightfoot as well!

Great song telling a sad story. I'm like you, I like songs that tell a story.

yeah, great tune huh? but sadly a true story.

I lived in Duluth at the time the Fitzgerald went down. As I watched the local television news, I could not help but to pen some lines for a song that I wrote about the Fitzgerald. My song entitled "Twenty-Nine More Men" was recorded in Nashville about a year later. Gordie had the first release of his song which was a great one and one that will always be remembered. Over the years, there has been interest in my song by writers and publishers of various books. Even to this day, I get calls to discuss my song on various radio stations. Nontheless, Gordon deserves great credit in bringing the story to the public such as he has done. Thank you Gordie for all your great musical works.<br />
Charlie Frederick

I love Gordon Lightfoot, but this particular song appeals because I will never forget that night. I am going to look your song up. This was such an unforgettable experience!

Try locating Elle-Andra Warner's book about the Fitzgerald. My lyrics to my song are in the prologue of that book.

I remember the song and how long it was. I can't imagine how those, "sons and the wives and the daughters" felt. Thanks for sharing this. Amazing how music can return you to memories long forgotten.

Yes, music does that, it transports and illuminates our emotions.

Haunting song......one of my favorites of his. Did you ever see the documentary showing where they found the ship and brought up the bell?? Such a sad thing to see.

Yes I did. It was extremely eerie. It brings back all the emotion of that night. Extremely real to me, almost unbearably so.

An Ontarian? sounds like a allien from space. We are Ontarians! <br />
Gordon Lightfoot sings some of the most haughting songs ever written.<br />
I still get a shiver when I hear this song! as a Detroiter!

LOL I never claimed to be terrestrial! LOL I love Gordon Lightfoot, one of my all time faves!

My bad...wrote that at umm, Oh Late Thirty. But my mom still is a huge S& G fan. :-)

So am I!

I remember this as well...I was in kindergarten and when my mom heard of the tragedy she was crying in the kitchen. I didn't understand and the next day, we were supposed to take the Ferry from San Fransisco, CA over to Angel Island for a field trip....my mom would not let me go. I was upset then, but understand now and realize as a mother, when the world experiences a heartfelt sadness, we tend to want our children as close as possible. <br />
<br />
Side note, my mom was the BIGGEST Simon and Garfunkel fan so this song was played over and over once it came out.

It is such a haunting song. This particular cut totally captures the mood of that night. I was grateful that I had my baby close, that she was safe ... with me.