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Jacking Off Sessions With My College Roommate

I went to a small, private Christian college in a Southern city during the 1970s.  Of course there were no such things as coed dorms or opposite sex visitiations beyond the lobbies of the dorms, so the private halls and room areas in my dorm were a male only preserve.  And naturally enough modesty went by the wayside pretty quickly.  Guys would walk naked to the showers or restrooms, or at the most would wear their briefs or boxers with maybe a robe thrown over it.  At the beginning of each year freshmen would show up with pajamas, but they quickly learned to discard those in favor of sleeping in their underwear.  There were two shower rooms on each floor, they had 4 individual stalls and each room  served about  20 guys, so every morning there was usually a line of guys waiting their turn, some naked, some in their shorts or just with a towel wrapped around them. As you worked your way down the line eventually you'd get inside the shower room.  Things were even more casual there, there were hooks on one wall for your robes and things and you usually just stood around naked with your towel and soap and stuff ready to grab a stall when one opened up.  If you weren't quick on your mark  someone would get in ahead of you so it paid to be ******** and ready, so to speak.  There was a urinal on one wall and there was often a line for that, too.  The restrooms were across the hall from the showers and guys would go in and use the urinals or toilets or shave either naked or in their shorts.  And at night if you had to take a leak or crap you would head to the restroom in your shorts, too.

So anyway things were pretty casual and if you weren't used to being naked in public you got accustomed to it pretty quickly, no big deal.  So during my junior/senior year I had a freshman roommate.  He was a nice looking quiet guy, delicate because he was a hemophiliac or free bleeder.  The first day he told me about his condition and how he had to give himself shots when he had a bleeding episode.  He was very matter of fact about it and after I got over the surprise it was something I adjusted to because after all, it was how he had to live.  He was very neat and clean with his supplies and I never saw any mess, blood, needles, or anything.  He had an older brother at the college who was also hemophiliac and sometimes they would have to help each other with the shots and supplies.  Again, no big deal.  Their father was dead and their mother lived in the same city.  She was very nervous for them both (something typical of mothers of hemophiliacs) and would call the room every day or so to check on her son.  He resented being hovered over, also typical for free bleeders.

Our first night as roommates we were sitting and talking until it got pretty late and I needed to get some sleep.  I pulled my clothes off, including my shorts, and stood naked in front of him for a minute while I was grabbing a new pair of jockeys.  He looked surprised and a little taken aback and his eyes moved to my crotch for a second.  Maybe I was the first guy who had ever been naked in front of him (besides maybe his brother).  Anyway I didn't let on that I'd seen his reaction, just pulled on my underwear and slid into my bed.  He got ready for bed right after that, stripping down to his shorts but leaving them on.  The next morning we showered at the same time.  The shower situation was another surprise to him but he handled it well and learned that. as I said above, you had to be naked and ready inside the showerroom when a stall opened up because otherwise someone would slip in ahead of you.  As the weeks went by he got more casual about nudity like the rest of us and changed his clothes in front of me in the room and of course also stood around naked in the showerroom and out in the hall and in the restroom, too.

Well, early one morning about six or so I was awake and couldn't get back to sleep.  I was horny and had a huge erection in my shorts and I didn't see how I could deal with it before time to get up and shower.  This was a Christian college as I said earlier and there was a strict code of conduct with no sexual activity allowed.  Of course a lot of ************ went on undercover, so to speak, but hetero- or homo-sexual activity was banned.  My roommate and I both considered ourselves straight, but we'd never talked about sex  of any kind.  When I'd jacked off before it was either in the restroom stall or late at night in bed when I was sure my roommate was asleep.  I assume he had done the same thing. 

So I had a problem in that I couldn't jack off in bed for fear my roommate would wake up and hear and I sure couldn't walk down the hall to the restroom with a giant ***** tenting out my shorts, but I had to do something about it before showering, because even if I got it to go down now it would pop back up again in a hurry if I was naked and around other naked people.  In short, I had to ***!  Just then I heard my roommate stir in his bed and grumble a little preparing to wake up.   He rolled over and groaned a bit, then quickly turned onto his side.  I saw him glance over at me to see if I was awake.  Instantly I realized he and I had the same problem or were in the same condition or horniness and something had to be done about it.  I decided to take a chance.  I threw back the covers and stood up, with my erection clearly in view, and slipped down my shorts.  I stepped out of them and kicked them aside and stretched.  There I was, naked and hard.  My roommate lifted his head and stared.  I glanced over at him, reached for the convenient box of tissues I kept ready, and pulled out a few, then sat back down on my bed and lay back on my elbows, giving my swollen **** a preparatory feel. 

He lay there for a minute, then seemed to make his own decision.  He threw back his sheet, stood up in his shorts, hard on clearly visible, and pulled the shorts down and kicked them off.  He grabbed a couple of his own tissues, (every guy I knew at the college had some Kleenex in his room, it seemed) sat back down and gave his **** a pull.  He glanced over quickly at me, and I made another decision, I raised my eyebrows and looked beside me.  He understood immediately.  Quickly he got up and walked naked over to my bed.  He sat down beside me, not close enough to touch but close enough that I could feel his body heat, and he could feel mine.  We started pulling.  Then I made another big move, I reached over and touched his **** head, then wrapped my fist around it and started to pull.  He jumped, but then he reached over for mine and took me into his hand.  This was the first time I had ever jacked someone else off, or even jacked off in front of someone, and it was probably the same for him, too.  I was circumcised and he wasn't, so it was strange for me to feel that extra skin, and he must have found my exposed shaft and glans strange, too.  We sat and jacked each other for a minute or two, until we were both panting and breathing hard, and then he groaned and flexed his penis in my hand and I felt and saw his ***** jet out of him, three or four good spurts that landed splat on the linoleum floor.  Some of it splattered my hand and felt like it was burning. I kept ******* him until he put his hand on mine to stop, then he gave his full attention to me, rubbing my shaft up and down and squeezzing it until wham! I erupted  with three or four good jets.  The first one splashed my chest, but he quickly bent my shaft down and the others hit my leg and the floor. We were both breathing hard and coming down from our highs, and our penises were deflating.  We looked straight into each other's eyes for a second, not saying a word but obviously thankful we had helped each other out.

Well, next we had to clean up.  The Kleenex came in handy getting the ***** wiped off the floor, our hands, and my chest and leg.  We had to inspect each other to be sure there wasn't a suspicious clump of white juice anywhere, and that our penises were back to normal and not dripping anything suspicious.  When we felt we could pass muster we slipped our shorts back on and grabbed our towels and strolled innocently down the hall to join the shower line.  We both had to hit the restroom immediately for good long ******, but other than that everything was normal enough.  We chatted with the other guys, got naked in the showerroom (he gave a quick glance at my crotch and I at his just to make sure there was nothing out of the ordinary) and showered, then dressed and went to breakfast.

That was the beginning of a pleasant little routine for both of us.  Mornings a couple of times a week we would both wake up early and look over at each other.  Then we'd pull off our shorts and have a little jack off session.  As time went on we evolved a little bargain whereby we would "visit" each other, jacking off together on my bed, then the next time on his bed.  The guy who was the "visitor" would allow his "host" a few "privileges" like feeling his chest and squeezing nipples, as well as general rubbing all over before the main event would start., jacking dicks and massaging balls.  Gradually we moved from sitting beside each other to lying down together, the host on his side  so he could reach all over  the visitor, who was on his back . He liked feeling my hairy chest and pulling the hairs, particularly around my nipples and below my navel, while I enjoyed touching his stomach, which was covered with fine golden hairs.  Rarely if ever did we talk during these sessions beyond a few "OK?s"  and "Feel good?s" and some snickers from time to time.  We never touched each other's ***** except as part of the general rub downs we gave each other, and we never moved towards anything oral or anal.  I felt the urge to kiss him and he must have me, too, but we weren't going to go there. We were definitely not being gay, just letting off some steam and tension, is how I rationalized it.  He must have thought the same thing.  Once or twice we did lick and lightly suck each other's nipples, but that was just an experiment that didn't last.  We also tried what I later learned was called frottage, but that was also going too far in the gay direction. Sometimes when we'd both have afternoons off and the dorm was fairly quiet and we knew we wouldn't likely be disturbed we'd have a little unplanned session which was even more fun because it was unexpected.  But that was more complicated because we'd take our clothes off and then have to dress again for dinner and the evening, and sometimes friends of ours would come by to visit.  The door would be locked (we took good care of that!) and the guy would knock and call our names and we'd have to lie there without a sound or a move until he decided we were out.  Looking back we didn't have to completely undress but naked was how we'd started doing it and naked was how we liked it.  One afternoon right in the middle of a session his mother called, one of her typical long winded conversations, and my roommate stood naked listening to her.  I got an idea for some extra fun and went over and jacked him off while he was standing there!  He really shot that time, splattering all the way across the room, and when the phone call was finally over he gave me a really good rubbing and jacking too.  His being hemophiliac put an extra crimp in things sometime because he bruised easily. Once I gave him an extra hard nipple squeeze which raised a bruise, fortunately not too noticeable, and after that I was more careful.

We kept this strictly to ourselves, of course.  His brother may have known or suspected that something was going on.  In fact, once when he was in the room visiting his brother he made a comment, I don't remember just what, that could have been interpreted to mean he wanted in on the fun, but I pretended not to hear and so did my roommate, and the conversation went on.  The two brothers may have had some kind of similar bargain going on between themselves, but if they did it was private between them just like our arrangement was.

This little arrangement went on through my last year in college.  I went during summers, too, so I could graduate in three years, while he was doing the traditional four years, which meant we were only together one year.     We both enjoyed it, particularly during the spring quarter when I was student teaching and really needed something to relax the stress that involved.  Driving to the school in the early morning still tingling from our sessions really made the day go by well.  We kept in touch (not physically!)  for awhile after I graduated, but gradually we moved on to other things.  I went on to grad school and had another roommate, but we never did anything.  I assume that he and his brother kept up their arrangement, if they had one, and maybe he had other accomodating roommates as well.  I never knew.  Six or seven years after I graduated I saw his death notice in the alumni newsletter.  Stunned, I contacted his family and learned that, in common with so many other hemophiliacs in the late 1970s and early 1980s, he had contracted AIDS through contmainated blood.  A couple of years later his brother died, the same way for the same reason. I was very sorry for both of them, and before anyone asks, no I was not at all concerned that I had been exposed to AIDS myself.  As I said above he was very neat and clean with his injections and supplies so I was never exposed to blood, and as for our jack off sessions, those were the epitome of "safe sex" 
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That was a nice story. Sorry about your friend. :(

Why can't I have a relationship like that? Darn it -.-

very hot, i love it, wish i had a friend like that


I woke up to my roommate ************ once. He was being very quiet, but it was pretty obvious he wasn't doing too well at the task. I was curious what he was doing for a while, until he reached over the bed and grabbed a tissue that very quickly went under the covers. I'd never been so horny in my life. And I couldn't stop staring at him.

After about 5 minutes, I just went "...Mind if I follow your lead?" He stopped and went "...You were awake?! Oh god... I'm sorry." I just went "No dude. I'm good with it."

There was a pause, then he said "Go ahead."

I started rubbing myself, at first under the covers, facing the wall, just thinking about it. After a bit, I rolled over, and I noticed his eyes were open and he was staring. So I kept going while facing him, saw his hand moving under the covers. Slipped the covers off myself at that point and moaned. He gasped a little when I did it, I guess he didn't expect me to get so into it. He then followed my lead.

After that, we talked the next morning. It was very casual. "********** whenever, don't worry about clothes, I'll text you if someone other than me is coming by so you can stop or get dressed". We never touched each other (that year), but we turned each other on, a lot. Pretty much every time I pulled it out, he did too, and vice-versa.

The next year, it got heavier. I asked if I could do it for him, he let me. We were both into ERP (Erotic role play). I could smell his arousal (he was pretty musky) when he did it, so I got into the habit of whipping it out and starting when he was doing ERP, whether or not he was getting off. We also at one point hopped on the laptops and did ERP with each other with some friends in the room, and kept staring at each other's jeans. Never got any heavier than oral before he transferred. I still have a few pictures though.

It's been four years now since I graduated, and I really miss that kind of thing. The hottest part to me was how casual it was, honestly. In hindsight, I never really wanted it to be more than that. Just, mutual ************ is hot as hell.

Nice story. Sad ending. I'm sure you hurt for quite a while. The two of you had a special relationship.
I also went to a christian school in cleveland tn. Came very close to having arrangements like yours, but the never came about. Wish they had.

I know what college you\'re talking about and you were likely wise not to have such an arrangement. That place is much more repressive than where I went and you probably wouldn\'t have gotten away with it.

Hi--I am a girl and straight. Interesting comments on this site. When I was in college 3 years ago working on my MBA, I had a roomate named Nancy. I had started ************ in high school and once in awhile I would get the urge. I too waited until I figured Nancy was asleep and then I fingered myself to a finish--sometimes twice, but not often. One night while pretending to be asleep I heard Nancy--I looked over in the dusk. Her covers were moving--and fast. She gave a light moan and then went to sleep. The next evening after studying, I pulled off my pajama bottoms. She was reading a textbook and didn't notice. I started fingering myself. She looked and saw me. She stood up and pulled off her bottoms too. We did this together at least once a week--one Saturday we mutually decided to finger each other. It was great and we did that together until the semester was over and I got my MBA. Ah college--I'll never forget.

I'm just saying, I've read this on other websites before. It is a decent story though.

Its been copied to other sites and I also have an expanded version of it out there too.

What a great story, I wish that happened to me.

That was a very good story. I am also a fan of mutual ************. Living in the Bible Belt it was unheard of to do it with your friends. As a male I am over sexed and I need to let it out. I am older now and still would like to experience mutual ************ with another guy. I am by no means gay. Now that I am in my forties it is hard to find someone who just likes to have a good time without getting all weirded out. My son-in-law and I do it every once in a while but he doesn't live close by. I am glad you had a good experience and I hope you have all the experiences you want.

Really miss that feeling, something about jacking your buddy n him jacking you different with a lady, if it's a female then you always want to ****, but a guy that you know isn't gay n have no feeling of kissing or *** play
In Portland or. Area

Sounds like you really enjoyed one another, it's a sad story though. Reminded me of the son of tsar Nicholas 2 of Russia
Do you ever meet guys for that now? Have you never wondered what it felting in your mouth or tasted your own ***?

My roommate endured a lot of illness and pain in his short life but he was a positive, happy person who it was a privilege to know. He was the one and only male I've ever had a sexual relationship with and so far as I know I was the only male for him, too. Over the years I've been attracted to men who reminded me of him, but I've never acted on the attractions. We were two compatible friends who became very good friends. I've never had or wanted to have oral sex.

This story just reminded me of a time in college when I watched an X rated movie with my best friend. We just watched the movie. However, neither one of us made a move to mutually **********. He never married so I wonder if that was his "first move". He ended up being my Best Man so I guess that would have been awkward.<br />
<br />
Although now I consider this just a way for guys to bond on a different level. Being married, the opportunities are farther and fewer in between. <br />
<br />
If there is anyone out there interested, let me know and perhaps we can hook up. I'm in Dallas, TX area. Take care.

Thanks for sharing this great story. Sorry to hear about the death of him and his brother.

Love that story. Ithink back now on roommates I had during college and wish I had had the courage to become more intimate with them in this way.

Thanks for all the great comments, runamuck, tobit, and ardmay. And Tobit, we were nice looking guys but "hot" is a bit of an exagerration. But thanks for the ego boost!<br />
I have an extended version of my story also posted in this section, called Extended and Revised Jack Off Sessions With My College Roommate that includes some additional memories and details that came back to me after I posted this one.

Thank you for sharing this story. Hot youthful guys helping each other out is a beautiful thing; so sad that your friend and his brother died.

Great story of your life. So well written, it was the best thing I've ever read on EP. You're a great guy.

Funny! Probably wasn't the first time he'd seen that going on through those dorm windows!

Your story brought back memories of my college dorm years. Both my roommie and I were nude altin the room with the door usually locked. One morning we both woke with woodies and were taking care of them when we realized that a window washer had lowered to our room. He tapped on the window and we both jumped a mile! We all got a lough out of it as the window washer grabbed at himself and give us thumbs up!

Here's a quote from Niobe Way, author of Deep Secrets: Boys’ Friendships and the Crisis of Connection, that really speaks to my experience here. Fortunately my roommate and I didn't lose this close friendship:<br />
<br />
During late adolescence ... boys begin to lose their closest male friendships, become more distrustful of their male peers, and in some cases, become less willing to be emotionally expressive. They start sounding, in other words, like gender stereotypes.<br />
<br />
When they talk about intimacy that might remain in their closest male friendships, they use the ex<x>pression “no homo” to underscore their heterosexual status. Questions about close friendships from the interviewers become, for the boys during late adolescence, questions about sexuality. Many of the boys in our studies spoke about feelings of loneliness and isolation during late adolescence and how they missed their formerly close male friendships. We heard these patterns of loss and distrust right at the moment in development that the rates of suicide among boys in the United States jumps up to become four times the rate of girls.

Great story I find it amusing the way males can bond in this manner

Great story I find it amusing the way males can bond in this manner

Just to point out that I have a Revised and Expanded Jack Off Sessions With My College Roommate also posted in I Like Mutual ************ on Experience Project. I added some memories and details that aren't in this first version.

Nope Sabrina, never have. I can't say I haven't been attracted every now and then but that was only from afar. And I've never been attracted to any gay man who has come on to me (including one or two at that same college). What my roomie and I did was homoerotic/homosexual but we both considered ourselves straight and we both have had successful relationships with women. To put it bluntly, if girls had been available to us in those early morning hours we wouldn't have looked twice at each other. We had needs and we helped each other with them.<br />
<br />
Mens' dorms, whether at a religious school or not, have a raunchy side to them.

Heavens, this is a very sweet and happy story! Thank you for the glimpse into the male dormitory you have given me! LOL! Tell me, have you been with a man since then?

It was never mentioned in my circles either but I can't believe it didn't go on. It would depend on the personalities involved. I had other roommates at that school and in grad school and never engaged in mutual sessions with any of them.

That was a great story - very tender. Brought back a lot of memories of times I had in high school and college. Sorry to hear of the sad ending to his and his brother's life.

Yes, there was a real connection between us on this matter that wouldn't have been easily understood by outsiders. Male bonding does sum it up well.

Great story.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing

Thanks, he was a good friend and it was nice that we were able to trust each other enough to do some sexual explorations. We had other friends in that dorm and I'm sure other guys had other private arrangements similar to ours.