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What My Friend Taught Me

The summer between 7 and 8 grade I had a friend named James and we used to ride 4 wheelers. One time we rode and got real muddy. His mom told us to hose off and put our clothes in the washer and she brought us towels and some shorts and then left for town. After a while washing the ATV and ourselves we went into the garage and we started taking our clothes off and I noticed his **** was hard in his underwear. I teased him and he dropped his underwear and grabbed it and pointed it at me. I didn't expect him to get completely nude in front of me. I felt a little weird about it but I had never seen another persons **** hard before. So I did the same thing. I started to get hard. We went into the bedroom by the garage to take a shower. He asked me to take s shower with him. I was just amazed by seeing him hard. The shape was cool. We started showering and I got harder watching him wash and play with his ****. He noticed me getting hard and he touched my penis. I was suprised but then I grabbed his one felt it and we gently stroked each other. He grabbed my **** and asked if I had done this and he rubbed my head with the palm of his hand and it felt really good. I felt weird about the whole thing. Then we compared our dicks by outing them next to each other. Mine was slightly longer but he had more girth. We got out of the shower and dried off and put on the shorts his mom brought to us and went upstaairs to eat. My **** was throbbing and I could tell James was hard too. We ate some pizza pockets and then James said he had to jerk off to get relief. He asked if I wanted to. I had never ********** before and he told he could and how good it felt. I told him I did not want to. He said "suit yourself" and pulled out his **** and pointed it at me and went back down stairs. My **** was throbbing so I did play with it a minute. Then I got curious about what he was doing so I went down to his room and he was laying on the bed nude stroking. I told him I would try so I dropped my shorts and he got up and started ******* me and I felt him. We did a frot thing and enjoyed feeling each other and ******* in front of each other. He finally said he was going to come and he shot up on his chest
I was so horny. He grabbed some tissue and cleaned himself up. He said to keep going that I could do it because I had precum
He started stroking me and rubbing the head. He stopped and I felt so good and then I started going faster and then I finally shot my first load. It felt so good. We jerked together 2 or 3 times a week for the rest of the summer and I don't think it was a bad experience. When school started we didn't hang out as much and then we both got girlfriends so we quit ******* together. We are both strait still but that summer was fun and it helped me understand my body and discover what feels good. And he helped me with techniques.
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Nice story! Thanks for sharing!

I believe it is experience that some stick to and others just experience for a period of time.

Great story!it brought back memories that still make me hard n horny enough to stroke off to!!!!

great story!