Everything Is So Quiet Now

I work with lots of people and I attend  thousand of people. I received many phone calls during the day and I answer so many emails at work.  
It seems that. Then I get in my car my cel phone start ringing at the same time as my Verizon's wireless that I have only for My kids to contact me.  Sometimes is too much, I fell like if my tongue needs a urgent  vacation, my ears, my eyes. 

Then getting home, where I find two teenagers almost every day with friends over...a dog....sometimes I need the noise to stop, the words be silenced, the people erased.

My ex husband just arrived after being in China for a long time. He came immediately to see his kids ( a very responsible loving father and ex) and when he asked me how I was...I looked at him, and said I LONG TO BE ON MY OWN, I haven't hear the sound of silence in a while, I don't want to feed a dog, I don't want to hear but my breathing.  He laughed at me, he said children let's go on vacation, took the dog and asked me to enjoy.

I stayed late late late last night at facebook sharing music with some friends.  One was the DJ, and loaded 40 songs oldies but goodies, we all commented, it was such a wonderful night, so many laughs, so many memories, so much fun!

And then this morning, all so quiet, so CLEAN and picked up, all the house smelling vanilla.  I wonder If I am ready for the empty nest, I know lots of people get depressed. I know I am so happy when I have my alone time.  Anyway they have mention several times that they would like to study somewhere else like Barcelona or Canada, sometimes they mention US, but that is a decision that will be made this year when they finish Jr. High school

All I know for now is that this awakening was so great.....I even listened to the birds!  Lovely.

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4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

I can relate to what you share. I work very closely with people, so when I get away, I truly want peace and quiet. When I was looking for land to build my dream home, I told the Realtor that I wanted something remote and tranquil. It is my wonderful escape. <br />
I can also relate to the upcoming empty nest issues. My son will be back in Florida 2 weeks from today. Our time together goes by so fast. I opened doors for him, but now he has surpassed me. When he first left for college, he told me, "I am very excited about this new stage in my life. I feel well-prepared and look forward to all the experiences. The only thing I regret is that I have to leave my best friend behind......You." We will always be best friends. He never ceases to amaze me, and I love that he shares his enthusiasm for his discoveries with me. There are differences between us, in that I've focused on people while he's focused on other worlds, but we are also very much alike. Knowing that the kids are prepared to move on makes the transition easier, as our true desire is for them to stand on their own two feet as productive, worthwhile, self-confident individuals. It is so wonderful to see that happen. It makes the work and the loss well worthwhile.

I know....this time on my own always enrich my soul. As you know, I appreciate you stopping by.

Alone time is self preservation time. It needs to start with you, yourself in order to provide a healthy relationship for those who depend and care about you. <br />

I need vacations that is what I need and URGENT! I am planing going to Miami.