Other Women And Tearing Down Your Postive Image

Let me start out by saying I am very thin. I always have been. I've never had to watch what I eat because I am more prone to loosing weight rather than gaining it. I am very happy with how I look, but I wouldn't mind putting on like 10 pounds.
When other women see that you are happy with how you look or your body weight, they can get quite mean (depending on the person.) I've had a female acquittance make my boyfriend really scared because she told him she thinks I am anorexic. I looked up the term and showed him what it meant. I have none of the symptoms, and am currently counting calories so I can gain a few pounds since I got sick a few months back, I lost weight.
I really hate that people think its acceptable to make fun of you or hate you just because you have something that they envy. You wouldn't call someone fat, so why call me anorexic?
hekatemoon hekatemoon
22-25, F
May 27, 2010