I Love Myself. Even At 16

I'm 16 years old in a tiny little town where everyone is obsessed with tanning bed and fake hair. It's like a mold, and it's the most cliche mold. Long straight hair, tan skin, and 'preppy clothes'. I don't really like the mold.

I wear a different style everyday. Plain old jeans and t-shirt. An urban dress with a hippie headband. I dress with cowboy boots. A goth dress with ripped tights. I'm different. My hair is short and wavy, blonde with blue. I'm pale.

But theres one more thing, I'm tall with biggish boobs and butt and I'm not thin. I'm very curvy and bigger than most girls. And I love it. I think I look sexy, and some people may call me fat, but I shrug it off. Because I love being me.

And confidence is really beauty.
mazymoop mazymoop
May 12, 2012