There's a Wiggle and a Jiggle...

But that's ok with me... I always knew that I wouldn't be skinny or tall (HAH!)... I have stretch marks from both of pregnancies... my feet are HUGE for someone my height but I say that it means I'm just "stable" - HAH!... I have dots EVERYWHERE... freckles - dots - whatever... I don't have any muscle that I know of... except the ones in my legs from carrying my big butt around... I have WIDE hips and big butt... no boobs... HAH!!! 

Seriously I could list a million things that could be considered "wrong" with my body by societys standards but you know what I love my body... we go way back and I have abused it (as well as others - damn them) but it keeps on trucking... it's beautiful because it's mine... and so far all of the guys I've ever been with have seen past any flaws I may have because those things aren't as important as people think they are...

I'm not perfect... I'll never be a model... but I think I am DEAD SEXY!!! **rawr**

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3 Responses May 29, 2008

You are because you believe you are .. "rawrrrr" back .. :) lol xox

Awww... thank you QG, Odie & PT... but really I'm just really good at taking pictures of myself so that my flaws aren't magnified... you will NEVER see my feetses in any photos... it'd take up the whole screen... HAHAHA!!!

Thank you sooo much - both of you... I think I'm a keeper too... HAH!