When I was younger, I grew up with my athletic brother who spent all of his time working out, along side his equally physically fit friends. I have always been on the heavier side and in school I was miserable; but as I grew older I started to gain confidence in myself. Just after collage I was actually accepting of my build and now I'm a full-fledged adult I'm happy with it. I didn't change, I just grew in confidence.

I'm a large guy, over 6ft and broad shouldered with a gut. I would like to be taller, but we can't help such things. I'm happy with who I am, physically, and if someone else is going to try and push me to change then I'm not sure they will be the sort of person I wish to associate with.

I'm glad I got here; I just wish I was this confident when I was a teenager!

Take care, all!
Syonide Syonide
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Too be honest if you just worked out for a few weeks and had a diet you would be huge