I was counselled after what happened not to be afraid of my body, so I am quietly confident that I have a nice body, and I like my body.

I like to show it off too, and agreed to pose for photos by a friend, nod of the guys I work with. I'm not against being naked in public, like when changing clothes or at the beach.

Caroline still says I am very tomboyish, never worrying about self exposure, or about sitting in such a way that my panties can be seen by strangers!

I guess with the psychological counselling what happened hasn't altered me too much.

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I'm sure you are stunning and very strong as a person. :)

We all have a naked body... but being confident to show off is wonderful!

What happened to you?

NVM, I saw. Very glad you are better after the counseling.

Yes, you are very pretty.

You are a very beautiful sexy lady