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Now i to have seen your post my wonderful friend! :D I to as SuperMother2010! apologise, for not commenting sooner! :( <br />
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Fabulous contribution, :D beautiful rose to! like the sender! :D I am truly honoured and lucky to be included in your circle of friends! :D And able to call you my friend! :D <br />
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Thank you so much for sharing! :D :D <>

You all are fantastic!!!!

Josie I love you - you are the easiest person to talk to, and you have the best personality!! I love your passion and your grace. We can all learn a great lesson from you (HUGSSSS)

((((HUGS)))) MUAH!!!! :-)

Thank you mewold. All i want is people to think and not just blindly follow. i may never change anyone to my view, but that is not my aim or goal. <br />
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i state my thoughts and opinions because i believe it is the right thing to do. i have hanged views on a number of issues over the years. i try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt even if i disagree with them ... but that does not mean i must remain silent.<br />
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i too refine myself with my writing ... in many, many areas of my life. Growth and change are a constant in life.

Josie, you make me think about issues and look at your side even when I don't agree. Thus you help me gain in understanding. Plus, you are such a nice guy, who never says a bad word to anybody, I just have to love ya. roses! My favorite! :) Thanks, Josie. Love you too, my friend.

I feel honored to be in your circle. You add so much to things here. Thank you!

I agree! Josie is such a dear sweet friend! <br />
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She's always there with a friendly ear and a willing heart! <br />
She has true class and carries herself with soft grace!<br />
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I love ya, Josie Sweetie...........*giving you a big hug and a soft kiss*

God bless you too Josie. I'm glad I'm in your circle.

You fit in very well, Josie.