Dude... whaaaaaaaaat?

So.. I'm not able to delete this story cause' The person who wrote it has chaged accounts and left me this one.
:/ Please help my other story.. that IS by ME :) ♥
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Weather it is or not I hope the best for you =)

A while later and im thinking that maybe it was just a crush... but when i see him i still feel like i love him but maybe just in a family way... thanks loads for the sweet comments...<br />
anonymousp x

Yeah you don't want to wait too long....Please keep us inform about what is taking place...we are all here for you!

Wait, how old Is he? Yu Dont want to wait to lonq To At least tell him how Yu feel. or else by the time Yu get Older it'll be too late.