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I Have Had ****** With My Cousin

my cousin was 10 and i was 10. one day on holiday we had to share a doubule bed with each outher. every one fell asleep quickly and i lay there awake. i looked at my cousin- she was fast asleep. so i reach over and put my hand on her croch i felt around and notised that she was stareing at me. i quickly pulled back my hand. she wnt under the covers and i felt her pulling down my shorts and gave me a blow job. she then wispered in my ear to take off all of our clothes. we lay naked for about an hour pressed up againsted eachother on our sides. then she rolled over pulling me ontop of her and guided my **** into her *****. as i started to hump she pulled me down and we lay snogging she then told me to have mu head by her feet and to lick her ***** while she gave me a blow job (69). a coupul days later we went up to the room to get changed as everyone else went to breakfast in there swimmers. as we got to the room she told me to take off my clothes. we stood pressed up againsted eachother naked and kissed she then said that she would dress me in what she would wear in and i would dress her in what i would wear. i slid my speedos up her legs and massaged her ***** through them. then she put a one piece swim suit on me wich was a bit to small. she teased my **** bulge -which was huge- and we both got in the shower and felt eachother for about ten minits. then we dried oursleves and she laid on the bead. i went over and laied on top of her and pulled aside the swimsuit and ****** her und til she orgasmed i pulled out and she blowed me until i cumed in her mouth.
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sorry not buying it not really into it you got put more into not just she saw me touch her crotch then she just automatically went down and gave you a bj

May I come with you for your next holiday please

what is that sloppy written crappy fanfiction or something?

10 wow cool holiday

This ie a reel good story. I has playd with me cousin too. We rode the bus 24 miles to home. Lucy would put her leg up so i see her panty. Francie did it to. So if we was in the sam,e seat we playd with our legs.. ther is nothing as fine as frrlingup there thighs. It sure is a good way to pass thr tie.

What the ****..

Gosh, only ten years old?


thats very ealry age i think i did not become sexual until i was atleast 14 and that was just curiosity no touching or anything... Cool, good job!!

Whoa! You was 10! Me and my cousin had an experience. We were both 14 and in a caravan alone and she went into her room 1 min later i followed. I opened her door and she was fingering her self naked whilst rubbing her huge DD boobs. She knew i was coming so she didn't stop and told me to get naked with her, so i did. We lay there for half an hour just peacing and slowly stroking each other. Then she got on her knees and started to give me a *** ****, which was amazing with her DD's on my 6.7 ****. I cumed all in her face. 30 mins later we did 69, then oral, then anal and finally sex. We were alone for 5 hours. Best Holiday ever!

Me too. My cousin was 17 and I was 14 and she took me to her high school football game. During halftime the cheerleaders performed and one had a uniform malfunction trying to do a split. Her panty part slightly ripped and we could see one of her ***** lips. When we got home, my cousin asked me what I thought about that because she noticed I had an erection at the game. Talking about it made me hard again and she noticed it and asked if I was excited talking about it. At the same time, she was moving around while sitting on the couch and I noticed some pubic hair sticking out from her shorts. I told her I was excited talking about it and also asked if I could see her *****. She made me swear not to tell anyone and she wanted to see my erection too. We both took off our shorts and underwear and I put my hand on her *****, which was getting wet. I looked down and noticed that the tip of my **** was wet too. She asked if she could put her tongue on the tip and before I knew it, I was ******* on her lips. When I finished, I asked her if I could lick her slit and she showed me how to eat her out. We continue to this day, whenever we get together, even though we are both married.

My cousin came on to me, too. She let me finger her on the school b us.

That's young,