My Cousins

Sally and her sister Eve have always been my favourite cousins.  They were both very sexy and while they were both very tamed, I could sense they were both really very hot girls.  I had danced with them very close before on a few occasions.  It always felt good to be with them and to talk with them.
Sally was my age, she was the extrovert. She’d talk about everything and I didn’t mind her doing all the talking while I listened to her.  We’d talk about sex on a few occasions and she shared that girls thought about sex just as much as guys did.  We went for a drive once and I wished we would have stopped somewhere to talk about sex some more.
Eve four years younger, she was more an introvert, like me.  We never said much, but she liked to cuddle with me and to hold my hand.  While I would’ve liked to spend more time with her, we only got to dance a few slow dances and to hang out while we held hands.
Back in the fall of 1984, Sally and I were in our sophomore year in college. While we were in different faculties, we had this common course.  The course was so-so and the teacher boring. It was one of those you hoped that it would end soon.  Thankfully, we only had 3 exams over the semester.  I was doing fine, but Sally wasn’t doing as well.  So we were studying and doing our assignments together.  I always enjoyed working with her.  She was chatty and fun to talk to.  We’d talk about everything and anything for hours on end...
Now Sally has always been a strait A student, and when we walked out of the final exam, she knew the outcome would not be good.  I walked with her back to her place.  She was quite depressed.  When we got there, we sat in her small apartment living room and talked for a while.  At some point, she asked me if I would hold her in my arms. 
I got her closer and she laid herself on my lap, her shoulders resting on the armrest, facing me.  I held her close and I comforted her best I could.
I felt like caressing her cheek and kissing her on the lips… 
Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t realize that there is no ****** between cousins and I didn’t allow myself to kiss her.  Because her roommate came home early, I had to excuse myself and I walked back to my apartment a few blocks away.  I really felt bad to have walked away from her while I knew she needed some sweet comfort.
To this day, I can’t help to wonder what would’ve happened if I would’ve kissed her…  Would she have let me kiss her?  How far would we have allowed us to go?  I’ve been wondering…It’s been in the back of my mind for a while now…
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2011

Is she still your friend?

the best thing to do is see her again and see if she feels the same but u kinda left it late tho man and just gotta hope :)

that is an experience that would probably stick with you for life, the only thing to do is wonder. :] nice story