My Cousin Jerked Me Off

it all started with a simple text. i was 34 she was 30 she told me she was going on a date and i asked what she was going to wear. she told me and described it and i asked the big question what was she going to wear underneath? she told me but i played dumb and told her it would be easier if she could just show me jokingly. next thing i knew i had a picture of her in her lingerie. after that i kept asking her daily for lingerie pictures. this went on for some time and then i wanted to see how far she would go. i asked her for a topless one with her arms covering her boobs, she did! then i told her with out any bottoms legs crossed, she did it! then i had her posing fully nude she would pose any way i wanted her to and do whatever i asked, needless to say i *********** quite often with all the pics i got. after a while we decided she would pose for me while i took the pictures. so she came over and had lingerie and i took the pictures then we started doing full nudes. i slid her panties over at one point to see her ***** which she fully showed me! then i videotaped her ************ for about 10 minutes. i was so rock hard it was unbelievable. up to this point she has seen my **** and played with it a little bit. after she just lay nude in my bed i made a funny comment and she put her shirt back on. i said wait take it off so i can play with your ****, she said why there is nothing for me to play with! i pulled down my shorts and my **** just flung out. at that point she played with my **** for a long time. she was just looking at it and playing with it so gently. i started jumping her hands and moaning. i was moving all over the place but shewouldn't let go of my ****! she was stroking it so nice i finally managed to squirm around and remove her clothes so i could finger her *****. at this point she had been ******* me off for about 30 minutes after a littler bit of fingering her wet soft ***** i came all over stomach and ****. she rubbed it in and smiled it was do hot. that was such a fun night i won't forget the first time we fooled around that night, especially since i have video and pictures! we are closer than ever and still have a normal cousin relationship, with some benefits!
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:) love this

You lucky bastard.

Share the photos!

Maybe I will

Hoping you will!

Very hot! Nice cousin!