A Wonderful Journey

from my very childhood,i knew her.actually she is my second cousin.i started to have special feeling towards her when i was 8th grader.in one family get together ,in a lonely place,i asked her with my utmost effort if she likes me or not& surprisingly the answer was yes.we have passed a lot many beautiful moments.she lived not so far from my home.so we used to go to the library and enjoyed some colourful moments.but life goes on.one day i heard she had to go to japan for her father's job.the day before her leaving,we met again.she was crying.suddenly i realised how deeply i really like her.but we had no choice.since then,it's 5 years.she used to tell me a beautiful quote"the only way to love someone deeply is to realize that one day you can lost your love".i only can hope to get her back in my life.
superpagla007 superpagla007
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2 Responses Mar 27, 2012

I thought your Cousin Bubly was divorced with your Dead fufu's son. ZZZ !!! You have a Crook Blood.

Thats so sad. I'm in eight grade right now and miss my cousin. As soon as I can, I will get back and spend ten times more time with her.