A Cold Night In March.

She and I had been very close for as long as I can remember, much closer than most cousins. Once she was in a crisis and I was the first person she came to for help because she knew of my feelings for her and that I would do anything to help her. That brought us even closer together. We started hanging out together much more often. Evenings together seemed much more like dates, which they later became. One evening I became very bold and expressed my love for her, saying that if we had not been cousins I would have asked her to marry me. To my delight she said she felt the same way. At that time in our relationship she and I didn't see each other as much as we would have liked because she was at university. I received a letter from her,one day telling me she was going to be home on a short break, and how much she wanted to see me. While she was home on that short break we spent as much time together as my evening job in a restaurant would allow. While she was home I had a very rare Saturday evening off.  We went out that evening and late that night we brought our relationship to its highest level - we became intimate. She and I had no regrets about what happened that night. We did not merely have sex, we made love. We had a short, but very sweet intimate affair, but later she felt it would be best if our intimacy stopped at an emotional level. I loved her enough, and I still do, to honor her wish.
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I have had a similar relationship but the woman was a family member older

Wow! How poetic and at the same time, tragic!

I can't imagine how must feel, to be so in love with someone but have that 'forbidden' element to prevent you from fully seeking that person.It must have been very frustrating! If there were no regrets (which you should not carry any regrets with you that will turn into guilt) then that's a good way to move on without really looking back. :)