Don't Want It To End But Nothing Ever Began

Just need to vent. Throw it out to the universe. And if someone around my age (24) would talk to me about it I think that would be really nice because I can't tell anyone.

So I'm really attracted to my cousin, I have been for a long time. But at my brother's wedding last year he sat next to me at the bar and we drank together and had an awesome conversation. At the time we were both single and I felt a mutual desire but nothing happened. We're both with other people now.

He actually lives really close to me but generally speaking, I only see him on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Surrounded by like 100 people. And I'm already sad knowing when Christmas is over I probably won't see him for another year. And I can't even talk to him like that anymore because I'm with somebody else and my boyfriend will be there.

I feel a little bit better. Thank you for reading.
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Hey there, just saw ur post and totally echo your feelings dear. Im 25 and still struggling to get COMPLETELY over my sucker of a cousin. Anywhoo I'm up for a chat if you are... lemme know.

It's normal, it's okay, it happens. The thing about cousins is that, they are not really like real brothers or sisters, whom we grow up with and also they are not any outsiders or strangers. Blood relation is all that guarantees them entry into our house. So, it does become an ethical and moral question on how to really view them as, and treat them.

I am in love with my second cousin. I see him as my lifeline, soulmate and friend. I don't have any family memories of him growing up because his mother did not bring her children to family functions so I knew of him but at a distance and when our paths crossed the only words exchanged were "Hi". I am 9 years older than he is but our age difference is not a concern. He wants to marry me legally one day but for now we are keeping our love relationship a secret. He is currently in prison and will be released by the end of this year.

ah i see well keep your hopes up don't worry it'll all work out for you in the future.

I had the same issue with with me when I was young. I started loving my cousin. I was single and she was married. She was three years older to me at that time and she had a one year baby also with her.

My love was reciprocated by her and she encouraged me to express my feelings. Soon we hooked up and for the next four months we lived like man and woman. Of course no body knew it and we took precaution.

Then she had to leave my place due to other obligations. She loved me equally as I loved her. Till now we love each other and hook up once in a while. we keep in touch over the phone on almost daily basis.

She is my soul-mate and we share our all sorrows and happiness. we also do phone s.e.x. regularly. Till date nobody has found it out and we meet just like cousins in front of our family.

At some point I told my wife about her and she was not happy to hear this but she forgave me. Now I do not tell her our meetings and phones. My wife is sure that I still meet my cousin and f.u.c.k. her but she does not says me anything. sometimes she teases me also on this matter.

So if you love your cousin than express it and do not punish yourself. It would be better to keep it secret because people judge others.

We all need to vent sometimes.
If it's any comfort, I don't think there's anything wrong with being attracted to your cousin. I hope that whatever path you choose, it works out for you. :)