I want to tell my cousin... But idk how... If I tell her over a text she will tell her mom.. I could write a note but that's the same as a text
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Don't. Don't do it. OK. I have read your other stories and you are welcome to read mine and laugh at my pictures. Most of my stories were deleted, but OK. here I go.
I was on your shoes. I grew up with my cousin. As kids, she was my best friend, she was my partner in crime for all the mischievous things we did. Then, the time came I started looking at girls and she was there, giving me hugs, kisses and being my confident as good cousins. But spring came and I realized she had curves, summer came and I realized she had an amazing body. All winter she had been hiding all her attributes. I realized her nice rear end and hand leaned toward there. But was just sexual. We were great friends. They say you should date your friend, and there she was. But I knew her dad, my uncle would kill me, and I wasn't sure if she liked me or no. We had great conversations. And the hugs became tigher and longer, and with hands moviny along also, when nobody saw us. Anyhow. Up to that point in time, probably we are at the same level or I had gone further. But I left it there. I never told her my feelings. I moved out to go to college at that was basically the end. We were never alone again. I missed her like crazy. We were still friends. She told me about her boyfriends and eventually she got married and had two babies. I got a great girlfriend. That's my story. Good luck writing yours.

naw i say if anything try in person

Idk cause she'll freak out... Idk if it's just sexual cause I mean I've been around her since she was a baby and I was like 2

it a little thing called lust you find her sexually appealing