Cousin Love

So I have a cousin who've I've always had a thing for. He's 19 and I'm 16. Back when he was still in Guatemala and we were younger, all of my cousins and I played hide and seek all the time. Me and him would hide in the same spot and we would start kissing. Now he lives at my house. He's been living here for a year or two and nothing happened between us. We would hold hands while watching tv, or I would caress his neck. But about 2 weeks ago I went with him to his friends house and we started drinking. I got drunk so his friend, who I dated, was with me and we were hooking up. But he wanted to get in my pants so I was calling for my cousin. He came and his friend left. Then we started talking and next thing, we were kissing. After that night me and him have been hooking up while my parents and my brother are in their rooms. And last night he came down where I was watching tv and we were kissing again. I didnt think things would go farther than that, but they did. I had never been fingered, but when he did it to me, it was the best feeling I ever had. Not even when I had sex had I felt that much pleasure. His hand was soaking wet after. And today when I came home from school I went up to his room to ask him for gum and stayed there. My brother got a flat tire so he went to  get it fixed, and it was just me and my cousin at home alone. He came over to where i was and we started kissing. He was gently rubbing my vagina and then stuck his hand in my pants. Once again I felt that pleasure I had been wanting the whole day. We havent had sex, but I really want to do it with him. I know it's wrong, but I can't stay away from him. Hes my moms brothers my mom says me and him are like brother and sister, and thats what makes me feel worse. I dont know if I should stay away, or do what my heart desires..

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Honestly this happened to me also... Me and my cousin, She 13 me 14 we hook up everytime I go over to her dads house.. It doesn't really make me feel bad b/c she's my cousin by Marrage... Is that bad?

Well I to have been with my dads sisters daughter and if it's just lust well I'd say have some fun but don't get caught and you both will always have that moment together but if your heart is involved well I guess I cant give advice as me and my first cousin after 30 years of lovin each other but not knowing how each other felt just got together a month ago well I donno but ya can't stop what the heart feels thank you for your story

At any rate, plan ahead and have and be using an effective method of birth control. Sixteen isn’t so young to have sex, but certainly is too young to be a mother, regardless of the other issues.

When I was 11 I did my cousin 10. We was learning so we never fell in love as we knows it wud not go over. It was fun and we are both married to good partners. We joke aboutit.

I really think you should go for it, and I really respect your opinion:)

Go For it I have been with my cousin for years already . And it really had to say no to ur heart :)

if you go on google,you will find it is legal,to do so .but it is what the family will think ,and you can have a defect baby.

thats crazy. what i would do if i were you ill try my hardest to not be to close to him.. because he's your blood cousin and theres nothing you can changes about that. thats my advice to stop being sexual with him..

i respect yur opinion..and yeah i suppose you're right..