Hi bix.Found some time to tell you about one of my times with a couple. Wasn't even thinking about doing anything,it just turned out to be. Sometimes the best pleasures are the unexpected ones. So this is for you
I had a girlfriend at work that got laid off a while back, and since her hubby makes pretty good money,she decided to not work for a while. They moved out to the burbs about 50 miles,so I don't get to see her much,but we still chat every few days. She called up oneThursday and asked me if I wanted to come out to see them Friday night . I told her that sounded great and asked if I could bring a bottle of wine."That would be wonderful" she replied,"but you know what that does to me." I laughed,and told her I would try to keep her in line. I was excited all day Friday at work and was ready to hit the door at 5.
I drove straight to her place witha stop for the wine store and was knocking at her door around 6 . She answered the door, looking just as cute as always. I hugged her and told her so" Jane you look just as sexy and perky as you ever did" She hugged me and gave me a quick kiss "Girl,you're looking good too. I'm so glad you could come out here."
Jane was an Italian girl,dark haired and deep brown eyes and always had a smile. She loved to drink her wine and we had shared many a bottle when she had lived in town. Some people might say she was a bit overweight, but she had one of those bodies that was full in all the right places. At least that was the way I saw it.
We uncorked the wine and started talking like 2 school girls,not missing a beat .Jane said her hubby was coming home in just a bit, but couldn't stay up too late because he was going to have to go back to the office early the next morning. "That might work out good for us", she laughed"More girlie talk time for us and more wine"
When her hubby came home we had a quick bite to eat and a couple more glasses of wine. Her hubby got up from the tableafter our meal and said "Excuse me ladies,I hate to eat and run,butIneed to hit the shower then sack out for a few hours. Its been one of those days. I hateto miss out on the conversation, but I figure you two have lots to catch up on" I told Drew it was always good to se him no matter how briefly. He smiled and said "I'll be back after my shower for my goodnight kiss"
Jane and I started right back where we left off,yakking our heads off and drinking the rest of the wine. I wasn't really paying any attention to the time and the next thing I know, I saw that it was 11:30. I told Jane that I better slow down on the wine because I had a long drive back home and did't know if I should really be driving. She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye" Why don't you just stay here for the night and drive home in the morning"
"I didn't pack an overnight case and I wouldn't want to put you and Drew out" I told her.
"Nonsense ,girl. I have an old t-shirt you can wear to sleep in. Drew has sacked out and I'm kinda lonely. Please,please,please. We could even open another bottle of wine."
Sorry bix gotta go now so I'll have to tell you the rest the next time. Don't mean to string you on,but just thinking about how the rest of the night unfolded has me needing to take care of an urgent feeling. I think you might understand.
redheadjenn redheadjenn
46-50, F
Aug 29, 2014