You Mean Love Having My **** Sucked!

There is nothing that turns me on more than having you lick, slurp and suck on my big, fat ****! Watching you take your time, making your way down to my groin with your luscious lips and tongue, massaging my heavy balls and stroking my thick shaft all the while, coaxing those first drops of clear, sticky precum, which you lick up greedily, in anticipation of the rich and creamy nectar that is surely yours to ***. You make such a show of it, as you know how much I love to watch you as run your lips up and down my veiny meatstick and swirl around my mushroom head. Your firm stroke feels so good as you inhale my hairy scrotum and prized jewels, and the sight of your delicate hands with dark painted fingernails gripping my big hairy **** is such a turnon!. Then you slowly engulf my engorged and straining organ with your sweet mouth, tongue running wildly around the shaft as you take me in inch by inch, until, amazingly, you have my entire manhood down your throat, thick saliva drooling off your chin, so immeresed in your lustful sucking, you are!

I hold off as long as I possibly can, feeling the pressure of days of abstinence building to the bursting point, my mind feebly trying to think of other things besides sex, so I can delay the release and give you more of what you crave. You can sense I am reaching the bursting point, and your sucking and slurping and wanton craving reach a feverish pace, you want it so bad! I can hold back no longer- my body tenses, my balls contract, my back arches, just as you, on cue, pull back to catch the first thick pearly jet of my rich seed as it erupts from my seeping manhole out across your sexy pink tongue. Another pulse, much bigger and with greater force shoots out and up across your cheek and onto your forehead and golden locks. Then another and still another thick rope of this lustrous fluid squirts onto your face, lips and tongue, covering you in a glaze of passion, as you lick wildly trying to contain this spurting fountain of love. More and more pours forth, each spurt with diminished force, until the flow gradually subsides, as you lick and wipe my glistening cockhead, trying not to waste a single drop. I help you gather as much of it as I can, pushing thick gobs of goo into your waiting mouth from across your pretty face and chin. We've got most of it now. A final squeeze of my entire shaft and head to force the last drops of my precious honey onto your outstretched tongue, which you savor with great gusto, then we are done, both happily fulfilled. What a good girl you are and what a lucky man I am!
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Now that is how you suck a ****

Wow! That was hot!

Sweet you, 1st time I read a story calling me to suck your ****, I luv it. As it is my religion one created a fan club, I wanna ******* from Hedo...<br />
<br />
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