I Think I'm Going To Take A Risk And Tell Her How I Feel!

I spent all this time thinking about what we could be
You were so special to me
I thought you liked me
or at least I was hoping
but that's what I get for hoping

it's just that you are so wonderful
I can't help but like you
your beautiful eyes
your cute smile
your adorable laugh
the way you get so silly sometimes

I think I misread all the signals
you would do these things that just make me like you more
I love borrowing your hoodie
I never want to take it off
I love that you always wear the bracelet I gave you
even when it pissed off your girlfriend
I love when we both just look at each other and understand each other
when our friends are talking and you and I just look at each other and laugh

The other day, you wanted to compare our hand sizes
when my hand was against yours, I had to keep myself from getting excited
and then there's sitting next to you
I love when we all watch a movie or TV and you sit next to me
The one time you said so close to me that our arms were touching
you asked it if it was too close. I said no
Then you sat closer
you asked again if it was too close
the truth is, I loved being that close to you
but I lied and joked that it made me claustrophobic

I love our walks, eating lunch, and hanging out in your room
you make me laugh like no one else
when I'm around you I get butterflies
when you leave, I miss you almost instantly

But now you tell me that you aren't over your ex
that you are getting back together with her
and you seem sooo happy
I pretend to be happy with you
but I'm crying inside
I want you to be mine
Part of me wants to tell you how I feel now before it's too late
but I'm scared of ruining our friendship
and I feel like I'm not what's best for you anyway
she is
she has so much more to offer

but if I don't tell you how I feel
then I might be wondering forever what could have been
did you ever feel the same way
so, I think I'm going to have to take a risk
and tell you
how I feel
livelaughloveandcry livelaughloveandcry
18-21, F
Oct 10, 2011