First let me say That I have always dated and /or married some real beautiful women, just been lucky that way. So when I showed them off to people, guys would gather. One of the best times, I was dating a married women, Her husband would bring her to my house and drop her off, and we went to a bar for drinks, She was a sexy *****, Red hair, big **** and a great ***, never have ****** her *** but have always wanted to. Anyway, I had told her I wanted her to wear a dress that buttons from the top to the bottom, in the front of course. We walked in and she was looking hot, mid thigh length, heels, red hair flowing, just beautiful. We had a few drinks and I could tell she was getting a little tipsy. I ask her if she wanted to play some darts, she said yes!, I said okay but we play for buttons, she said what do you mean. You lose you undo a button, one from the top and then one from the bottom Alternate! she smiled and said sure no problem. She lost the first 6 games, my **** was hard and we had gathered a crowd, she only had 4 buttons left. OMG I loved it!
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How do you feel about these women no longer being in your life? Why did they leave?

Fantatstic experience. I've always wanted my wife to do something similar with another man.

sweet. so what happened next ? did you give her a bulls eye ?

Love it

Love when my wife shows off her sexy thighs in public


That's hot