Clipper Cuts: Salon Or Barber?

With this year's fashion for ladies buzz cuts, it's important to advise that almost all the shaving is actually happening
at barbershops rather than salons. There are a number of reasons for this. Many salons will refuse to shave off a girl's
hair out of a lack of confidence. They are afraid of a negative reaction when the hair starts tumbling to the floor, which
makes the first clippering, especially from long, intimidating for the hairdresser. Also salons are usually nervous of doing
an all over headshave as they just don't have the experience. Barbers do it all the time, and do not argue or refuse, so you
better make your mind up first because a barber/barberette will have the clippers through your hair as soon as you agree
the length. This is good as a way of overcoming your nerves and you'd better get used to all the attention. This starts
when you're in the chair with the barber razoring off your locks and will continue as you will be turning heads.
My salon, however, is not missing out on the trend as we do ladies buzzcuts regularly. Usually they come in as groups
especially for the first shave. Remember, barbershops will do a more precise crewcut with better tapering and finish but
be sure you want it before you walk into the barbershop and sit in that big chair. HAVE FUN!
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8 Responses Sep 6, 2011

Nothing like the feel of a good clipper cut. The feel of the hair clipped is so erotic. I love to feel a freshly cut head whenever I can. Its been 2 years since you wrote this. Is your hair still buzzed?

I've never in my life heard of a beauty salon refusing to buzz off all of a chicks hair and I doubt you'd find any that would refuse to shave a woman's head with a razor either. Anyway, short and sexy haircuts for chicks is where it's at. Buzzed sides and nape are super hot.

I love to have it all buzzed off.

and where might this salon be?

i do my own clipper cuts, about twice a month to keep my style looking neat :) also the men in my family come get theirs done by me. xx

Really, any reason why not?

I do, but I never cut my own hair

One can tell that you certainly enjoy your work!