Salon Or Barbers

I can't decide wether I should go to a salon or barber iv been to a salon when I asked for a crew cut they where shocked and the colour I told them was black they fainted I think I'm gonna try to go to a barber this week tomorrow tell u about it any suggestions which barber I should go?!
Pinkydaisy Pinkydaisy
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

You would probably have better luck at a traditional barbershop since barbers are more accustomed to giving extremely short haircuts and I might add are better at it. However an older male barber might be reluctant to buzz off all of a young lady's hair. Your best bet would be to find a barbershop with both male and female barbers. As far as having your hair colored, you probably won't be able to get that done in a barber shop. Just curious but how long and what color is your hair now?

You are soooooo right! But even the "old" barber would more than likely just give her the haircut she wanted. P.S. bring back those oldtime barbershops--they really knew how to cut men/boys hair!!