Used to Have Dreadlocks

Oh how I wish I could show you all my dreadlocks that I had. They were so long. I could get them to tickle my a$$ if I tipped my head back!

I did get to do the bit of the Jamaican/any other island tourist board adverts. Where you rrise-up out of the sea and shake the water from your dreadlocks like a poodle! Haha! :D :D :D

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Dreadlocks > Everything.

lol.. a maroon! :D better than a macaroon! :p

I love my hair long too- but i just have to cut it occasionally

You know what ? <br />
I was so crazy about dreadlock rasta hair<br />
I dated one hippy and he left me bc I couldnt accept his ways of livin' life ! Sex Drugs Rock N' Roll ! <br />
Hell FcuKer Lol !

I loved my long hair to I never have had dreads but I like how they look on others ,,,my hair is short right now but it is growing fast,,,mary

It's sad too. :(

You really think so :D? Haha who knows what hair I will have in the future?<br />
<br />
It is annoying when that happens. The comments lose their sense...

I bet they would! :)<br />
<br />
I notice someone has deleted their comments or maybe their whole account :S ...I hate that.

Hahaha I just got a mental image of you doing just that in slow motion XD "whoosh" and all water flying about :D<br />
Wow, they must've been so long! I once had a dream that my whole family, including me, got dreads. They didn't suit me at all!

Gets too hot in summer tho so I always cut it short around April/May now.

They get things stuck in them. Seeds bits of bark and leaves, cat hair, dog hair, paintballs, sawdust, etc. <br />
They were a pain and they snagged on thorns so I would get stuck! XD<br />
Also too hot in mid summer. Great for dancin and shakin out th water tho! :D