He Wants To Show Me Off

I'd like to start off by saying, my husband has always been so jealous and made me change clothes before going out if he felt they were too revealing. Which to be honest, I am very conservative and don't dress to attract attention. But pretty much, he has always wanted me to dress like a nun and am never aloud to wear pretty underwear or bras for fear I'm cheating. Which I never have cheated or gave him any reason to blame me. We have been together for almost twenty years.

Well lately he has been blowing me away, buying me fancy bras and underwear and wanting me to wear them out and wanting me to show cleavage and have the bra stick out. In the past he would've been absolutely furious. So this weekend he totally blew me away when he asked me if he were to buy me a shelf bra for my DD's, would I wear it to a neighboring communities mall with him and wear a shear blouse so the darkness of my nipples would show through and stick out and bounce.... I was so surprised by this from him and would have never agreed to such a thing, but I told him if this would please him I would happily do it. I told him he could dress me however he wants. He is so excited and wants me to wear the shear blouse on one occasion, then a plunging neckline w/ my breasts hanging out on another.... He was so excited he wanted to test the waters today and had me wear a flimsy, sexy push up bra out to a sporting event today, with a plunging neck line. He proudly held my hand and wanted me to walk past the stands w/ him and had me bend over to pick things up. He kept watching the mens responses and loved how they were staring at my jiggling large breasts and loved my nipples jutting out. He was smiling from ear to ear at how the men were lolling, it gave him an erection, lol. I told him I didn't notice. But he assured me they were looking.

I don't know where this turn around has come from, but I gotta say I find it a huge turn on. I have never dressed provocatively and it's ever so slight as if accidental. I am surprised by his change in attitude, but more so by my not caring. He also asked if we could post nude photos of me on the net and also in sexy undergarments. I told him what ever makes him happy. He was so happy and surprised by my response, he can't wait. I'm just happy to please him and it's kind of liberating. He has even hinted at wanting to test the waters and going further and moving towards sharing me sexually. WOW!! Honestly, that would take a lot of consideration. I have only been with one man in twenty years and I just want to be sure he wouldn't be sorry for it. I would love to share that with him and as long as he was looking at me with love and encouraged me during the act, I would love to take part in it. The thought of my husband asking me to have sex with another and watching it turns me on a great deal. Then the thought of him reclaiming what is his.... oh yeah!!!
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I am a exhibirtionist wife my husband loves for me to spread open and show off my body.
We went on a vacation from Kansas City to florida and other when i had to i was nude the whole trip. We stopped several times at road side parks and some truck stops where we met up we some real sweet guys we let them play with me and a couple young cute ones f****d me real good.
Iike to give the drivers a good show and love to play with my self while they watch
Nothing turns me on faster than showig off my spread open ****

Definitely a very fun wife!!

love to see add me pls

you and your husband are both lucky...so you want him to have sloppy seconds...is he willing to allow this...does he get to watch...wow...thats great for both of you....

Yes, his thoughts have escalated to wanting to share me in the bedroom as well and eventually if it turns out, he wants to send me off to get pleasured by another, then come home to tell him about it, then reclaim what is his and this part grosses me out... but he wants to eat the cream pie and make sure to remove all the ***** from me. I would want to use condoms, but he wants it all.... The idea of another man's ***** in, when no one else has been in near 20 yrs, turns him on a lot. I have to admit, it kinda does me too....

why does it gross you out...you are very lucky...he wants to be cuckold...i bet he would like to watch and clean you up while its still seeping out...this isnt as uncommon as you might think...but the truth is...you are both getting what you want...so go with the flow...dont be surprised if one day he dopesn want to help you suck your lover...prepare both of you...

an old girlfriend called me recently...after some small talk, she told me that her husband wanted to watch her have sex with another man...they picked me...the first time it was pretty akward....each time after that though different things were added...it went from him wanting to watch,,,to close ups...then he wanted to grab my **** ...rub it up and down her slit...then insert it into her....later he would crawl under her and in the doggie position and lick her **** as i did her...then he wanted the ********...then he wanted us to let him prepare both of us...it was a little strange...but now i am used to it and i usually arrive 15 minutes early...he sucks me ...licks her to ******...we ****...he likes me to pull out in the middle of it...so he can clean me up...thats ok with me...b/c i last longer...and she takes it all with a grain of salt... she feels lucky b/c she know that he loves her...and that he isnt out screwing around...

Wow, these are the things he is talking about doing to a T. Thanks for the input. ;-)

does it still bother you about the ********....i think you eventually get used to it...besides...what could taste better than you...a little additional cream...be sure and let me know if or when you do it ...and how it progresses...he wants to be cuckolded...how will that make you feel seeing him take another man in his mouth...those are the things you will need to think about...i wonder some times if all men dont really consider sucking off another man...and that by sharing him with their wives...it doesnt seem gay...i had never thought about it before...but since my adventure ...i have thought about it a lot

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Yes, it took me a while too, but after getting over the jealousy thing I realized I wanted the thrill of strange men using my wife for their sexual gratifications. After all, You can't wear it out! ha ha. just go easy and feel his comfort level along the way. It's hot fun! Best of luck.

do you just watch or do yopu also participate...do you enjoy the guys as well...