Love Seeing My Husband In Panties

I enjoy seeing my husband wearing panties. Fact is that most men have more muscular lower bodies than woman, meaning there butt, thighs, legs are more toned and ladies if you have never seen your man in panties and he has a muscular lower half you have to have him slip some on. I love how satin panties cling to my husbands butt, his underwear never did that. I also like how excited he gets when he is wearing panties and how intune to my needs he is when wearing panties, its like he is thanking me for letting him wear panties by being intune to my needs and pleasures. In a way I feel panties were made for a man, its amazing how they show off his body and how they cling to him and show off every protruding feature. They are just clothing they do not change who my husband, many other woman need to realize and be more willing to explore likes with there husband, it makes for a much more healthy and happy relationship, us woman can be kinky also and wouldn't it be nice to be able to talk about things that we like also and do them together, communication isnt that what they always say makes a great relationship. Check out our profile for more about us.
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Very well said and very true

I love wearing my wife's panties. She has newer, skimpy pairs. I wear her older more full panties. The silky feeling has me slightly hard frequently during the day. My wife bought me a special leopard box for the panties I am allowed to wear. I ware regular underwear during the day. At 7PM each night I take off my clothes and walk around in silk or satin panties. I ask my wife what she is wearing. if she says cotton, I go to her box of her newest panties and pick a pair for her. It's not long before we are engaged n passionate sex. Life gets better for a husband in panties.

My Mistress/wife like me in panties too, and we try to buy matching ones now whenever we buy more - it's such fun knowing we are wearing matching panties.

Wish my wife was more like you. I wear her's occasionally, but she doesn't know about it.