Indepent Woman (finally)

I have always felt a need to do things my own way, my rules, my game play but ever since i can remember ive had certain obstacles standing in the way (mainly people that i loved and trusted) ive always been outspoken about my thoughts and feelings but for some strange reason i could never open up to the people i was most closest to, this grew into a weakness and i found myself vuneable to getting hurt and being in sticky situations, i got into a bad relationship which caused me to withdraw every inch of my bubbly personality and loose family and friends, i was isolated, just me,him and his fists! I felt myself screaming inside but nothing ever came out, gradually i became a silent sufferer and had no voice at all, i no longer owned the clothes on my back, i no longer had anything to call my own i was totally under his power and i had no way out! too scared to leave him, too scared to face life without his constant critisim- it was normal after all!

But one day his violence went too far and somebody i was very close to (brother) got hurt and it opened up my eyes, it made me realise that i could still feel pain even know it wernt inflicted onto me, that i was a person with feelings/emotions and a life! I took of with no questions asked, I suddenly grew a back bone and left him for good, its been 7yrs now and ive moved on, had another baby, settled down with my partner and set up a loving and happy home for both myself and 3 children, I look back and although it all still hurts i realise that without what i went through i wouldnt be the strong/oppionated woman i am today.

I am finally free and can say and do things in my own way/time, no rush or pressure just plain and simple me!!!


jezz2009 jezz2009
26-30, F
Mar 15, 2009