I Feel Blessed to Have My Job

For a long time I felt confined and trapped in my job; the workplace and type of work felt like a bad fit in many ways. I thought I could not do this job. I thought I preferred working in solitude and doing private creative work or even research and also craved a lot of attention and respect. I had a nervous breakdown about six years into the job and it really changed me and changed my attitude. In this economy, I am grateful to even have any job at all, but it turns out that I am now grateful to have the opportunity to work with others, especially the people I work with and for, who turn out to be very gracious and compassionate in spite of our many differences. I now feel like I can be my best self at work or through my work and that while I don't receive a LOT of attention (which I don't crave anymore anyway), the times I do receive any feedback, I do feel like it conveys something positive in the sense that I do feel appreciated or that in whatever sense I may make a difference through my work, that difference is a positive one for others as well as myself. I also feel like I am challenged to grow spiritually through my work and be my best self and have support for not giving into addictive temptations there, so I really do appreciate that too.

anattama anattama
41-45, F
Jun 4, 2009