Miss Skywalker And The Jedi Force....

I read electrical meters for a living. This means that I have to deal with people's pets when they're outside. There's this one house that has 2 medium size dogs. One is black, the other is tan. The black dog is a big baby. The tan dog, however, will attempt to chew your foot off even with steel toe boots on it. Every month I'd have problems getting out of my truck, to the meter, and back into my truck because of this dog. The dog constantly following me, chomping it's teeth at me through the air, lunging at me with my every step. I had to walk to the meter backwards to keep this dog from biting me.
One day, first thing that morning before my coworkers and I went out to our routes, my supervisor handed each of us something that he called a "dog stick". It was a small piece of PVC pipe that is about 4 feet long. One end had a PVC cap on it, while the other end had a string run through it so that you could wrap it around your wrist. I rolled my eyes when he handed me mine. I thought, "There's no way this flimsy lil piece of plastic is even going to intimidate some of the dogs I have to deal with."
Later on that very day, I had to read the meter at the house with the black and tan dogs. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, they both came running. I reached behind my seat and pulled out my "dog stick".
In an experimental mind, I quickly jumped out of the truck before the dogs made it to me, raised my stick over my head, slammed it down upon the paved driveway, raised it up as a pointer and pointed it to the front porch of the house as I screamed, "Get on that porch and stay there!!!!"
Both dogs stopped in mid step, whimpered, and took off running to the porch. They ran right up onto the porch, sat down, and didn't move a muscle the entire time I walked to the meter and back to the truck. Once I arrived at my truck door, I turned, looked at the dogs and said, "Ok, I'm leaving now, so you can run about as usual." Then, I looked down at my "dog stick" and thought, "Wow, this thing really does work on dogs.....and it makes me feel like I'm holding a lazer saber in Star Wars. LOL!"
My dog stick ROCKS!!! LMFAO!
concreteardrop concreteardrop
36-40, F
Jan 20, 2012