Love My Job, Sometimes Confused By The Haters Though

I learned how important it is to enjoy your job from my father. I'm a software engineer, he's a professional musician, don't think I have a musical bone in my body! But I did learn from him how much it enriches your life to do something you enjoy for a living.

I imagine my job would be a nightmare for someone who's brain was put together like a normal person's, but I consider myself very lucky that I get paid half decent money to come to an office and do something that I often do in my free time for nothing, just because I like it.

One thing I've never quite understood is the negative reactions from friends and family to the fact that I enjoy my work. I remember a few years ago at a friend's stag do, two of the guys were moaning about how much it sucked,having to be back in work after the weekend and one of them said 'isn't that right Steve?', when I replied that I actually quite like going into work they reacted partly like I was insane, and partly like it was some sort of betrayal (kinda like 'WTH? we've been gritting our teeth doing something we hate for all these years and you just go and do something you ENJOY?? how dare you!').

The other reaction that is rather irritating is when people imply that because I enjoy my job, it must be some sort of doss, or that it doesn't count as 'real work' because I enjoy doing it. Apparently, for it to count as 'real work', it has to make you end up hating the world in some peoples opinion... I often work long hours and my job gets very stressful, it is hard work, just hard work I enjoy!

I know a lot of it is probably just jealousy, but I think it's sad that so many people equate work, i.e. one of the main ways they contribute to humanity and justify their existence as some sort of punishment or penance...

Not complaining, like I say, I'm lucky, just my two cents
donkeykong1979 donkeykong1979
31-35, M
Jan 5, 2013