What Makes A Man?

Sure a man might have the qualifying equipment and very nice it is too..... Big strong arms, broad shoulders and a solid back and thighs that could almost be harder than steel..... but it's not enough to be male by biology alone. I want a man to stand up and 'be a man' I want to respect him. His first priority should be to be a good provider.  If he doesn't want to work hard to support his family, he doesn't get respect from me. He should be self sufficient and confident in his abilities. He should be able to say "No" to me and I will understand that he means it. I will never try to challenge him, it will be futile. I don't care if he doesn't change the babies nappy or know where to find the feminine hygiene products in the supermarket. I don't care that he doesn't dust or hoover. I will do all of that and more besides if he makes me feel like a woman.....
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4 Responses Aug 8, 2010

No I think that the majority of Men here in the UK let their women get away with far too much. We have a saying that is "treat em mean to keep em keen" It is seen as a joke but really I think there is truth behind it.

You're surprised? So is this particular quirk perhaps not a prevalent in the UK as in the US?

Really? I think they have become door mats. No man should accept that from a woman. I cannot blame them too much though. All that feminism rubbish has brainwashed women into thinking that they have a right to get exactly what they want, all of the time with no responsibility and now it's brainwashed men to believe it too.

What do you think about today's men who have accepted that a woman has a "right" that a man can never share--the right to never have to shift the toilet lid--and let themselves be yelled at if they forget?<br />
I don't remember hearing a word about this growing up in a two male / two female family.