When I was 14, my taste in men tended to be those older than me. 17 - 25 was the age range for me with men right up until I was 19.... Most times I've been with guys 8-10 years older than me.

Now I'm 38 as I write this and I've realized that I still find myself being attracted to males who are in their 20's up to late 40's.

It's a little awkward to catch myself being attracted to males in their 20's. I'm even more surprised that males in their 20's are actually into women who are older than them. No complaints here lol :)
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Variety is good ;)
I prefer women older than me :D

Add me so I can message you


That's great!

Thank you :)

You're very welcome ma'am.

Always preferred the sexual vechile that I was in lust & love with to have a proven track record. Ready to go full bore with instant starts at the drop of my hat weather it be for a short morning run or a ride of some duration across the ever expanding geography of the world we share called Our Ecstasy.


I suppose it is how it goes,,, the other way as we go older. But the guys still have a tendency to like the older lady.... I may be wrong. Just my opinion

I'm 22 and I'm up to **** a older lady as yourself, I've been wanting to see how good a ladies experienced mouth feels

Love mature women ..... U are too sexy to worry !!!

I like older women ;)

Well you obviously have the charm and looks to attract men of any age. Enjoy it in ll it's variations.

Life is to be lived, after all, right ;-)
My looks are alright. I still have a young face, an open mind a sense of adventure, and curiosities to explore lol. Perhaps one could say I'm also pretty young at heart...

Yo are, methinks, quite modest, dear lady.


I think it's quite normal for guys, like my self, to be attracted by older women, because of their experience, and the other way, because of their physical condition? Are you attracted in a sexual way, or feelings as well?

That's good to know. I can agree, the physical condition of a younger male can differ from that of an older. Though not always.
I would consider both. To be honest, my experiences are minimal though at this point. When I was in my early 30's, I was with a guy in his mid 20's where as it was purely physical. And awesome times together, but no emotional stuff. Then not long ago, I got to know a 19 year old guy that was looking to be with a more mature woman. Some people we knew teased about the possibility of him and I getting together so much so that I actually gave it some serious consideration. Unfortunately, he ended up going back up North of Toronto to his reserve to curb his feeling a of being home sick and so on. It was difficult for me to deal with this. After having given the possibility so much thought and consideration, and then him just taking off like that... It hurt me emotionally somehow. I wish him the best though. For me... I suppose the search for a Native mate to do more of the family thing continues though lol
What about you?