Love Having My Nipples Played With For Hours.

Not totally uncommon for a guy to have sensative nipples, but I gather from other people, mine are particularly so.
I'm so lucky, as my man, my husband to be, adores guys chests, and nipples, and loves spending a lot of time playing with mine, and making me ****** and ******, again and again.
I adore playing with them myself, but I'm not sure why, I can't quite bring myself to ******, from nipple play alone, like my man can.

He'll useually start on them quite hard, using his fingers and hands, caressing the entire breast area, and then movin in and concentrating on my nipples, pinching, twisting and flicking them, gradually making them more and more sore.
When they're really sore, he can useually bring me off, with the slightest touch, as I'm so horney.
He'll use his mouth a lot too, suckling on my nipples, licking them, and of course biting them too, which just sends waves of pleasure throughout my entire body; that all then seems to coincide towards my **** and prostate gland.
Somethimes I ***, from the nipple play, but more often than not, now, I can have multiple *******; producing waves of musclular contractions throughout my whole body, as my **** will contract, but just produce lots of pre-***, rather than a full *********; though, strangely, this is often more powerful than a full ejactulatory ****** for me now.
When he starts, the pleasure b begins, of course, at the nipples, and radiates out over the breasts, I get a very sort of 'calm' feeling inside, and it starts then to relax my entire body, even as the pain gets more from the nipples being stimulated hard.
The pleasure, then spreading across my breasts and nipples, will itself spread out, into my body, and as I said, kind of concentrates i itself, down low in my abdomin, starting deep inside, at my prostate, adn then feeling it in my **** and balls, which will then useually be fully at attention, without needing to be touched directly. As the nipple stimulation continues, the sensations on my nipples and breasts, are as if they're happening in/on my ****; and I can literally feel the sensations of the breast/nipple stimulation occuring in my **** and prostate...
I'll often be made to ******, and ***, from nipple stimulation, upwards of one or two hours, until he thinks I've had enough, and we move on to something differnt... This will useually mean by that time that I've had several dozens *******, and a few 'full' '****', or ejaculatory *******.
My **** and nipples were always 'part' of sex, always somewaht sensative, but since I've met my fiance, he's turned them into my main sexual organ, from which I can get so much pleasure (and from which he gains much pleasure too).
I often wonder just how many other guys can do this, or simular, from nipple/breast stimulation alone..
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Jan 14, 2013