Clean Sex Is Just No Good...

A few nights ago, I was remembering a dream I've had since I was 18 about the man from another story, WJP.

I don't know how or why, but we're already naked and he's sucking my nipples as he's pumping three of those magnificent fingers that usually wrap around a microphone deep inside my well moist vagina. He's purring gruffly in my ear.
"You like that don't you, you dirty wish it were this...."
He takes my right hand in his and wraps it around his proud erection, it's already weeping with desire.
He bites my shoulder as He pushes me back toward the bed head with no more than a natural sway. My legs flay open.
"Oooh yeah, stroke, my my **** well....make me harder...."
I kiss him, bruisingly hard with my soft wet lips, pistoning him in and out of my loose fist. He smiles and whispers something like "******* riiight..." and finger bangs me hard and fast till I'm calling out his name like a mantra. It's exactly what he wanted. Bending his head, he licks my nipples until I'm so ready that four fingers slide inside me. Blue eyes transfixed on my moaning lips he bites down on the bottom one...I squeal and grip his fingers tight inside for a fleeting moment,
"Ohhhh Goooood, yesss.....******* have meeeee..."

Suddenly, he grabs my legs and I'm thrown on to my back, but it doesn't hurt. I hiss from the unwelcome absence of his digits deep within. He's rubbing his **** head on my **** jewellery, making my thighs quiver and my lips part.... I beg....
"Please **** me, babe...fuuuuck meee....before I can't hold my *** in.....I...want your ******* **** inside me...."

He leans over and kisses me hard, his tongue teasing like a charmed cobra, then he raises up and takes me fully in one stroke, then two, three four.....My eyes see Heaven each time he pulls out to leave just the right length inside. His glistening, thick, hooded **** is the most beautiful one I've ever seen and I surrender to the motion as his thumbs dances on my **** hood...

The lubrication is so good.
"Oh my wet ******* marvel.....oooh yeahhh."

I can't help it, I ***....screaming his name....

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10 Responses Jul 26, 2010

*smiles* It's my pleasure to excite with something that has graced my nights since 1996. always brings the heat. :)

I'm simply unveiling a piece of my dream state here...and I seem to have this one A LOT. Thanks everyone....I wish I could share this with Mr WJP, but I don't actually make his friend list yet, :P

I think it was the fingers... yeah... that's it... it was the fingers that got me going !!!!!!

wow TRW ... the temperature's suddenly risen ... love it ...

@SaratogaGirl -- you'd have to be comatose or already dead for this to NOT get you going! ~lol~<br />
<br />
Nicely done, TRW...

So hot, so vivid, um, I don't quite know what to do with myself.....;-) xx

Hahahha, it's Ok, Sara...sometimes hot's hot, regardless of gender.<br />
Sweet, good dreams to ya, sister.<br />
Myth, I'm happy it wasn't boring for other men to read. :)

DAMN! That actually got me going!!!! Hey... that's not right! (LOL!!!!)

Yeah, it's a bit of al'ight.... *giggles* One of my favourite dreams that kind of loops in my night brain... *licks lips*