It means I'm not alone while I'm having sex.
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FJM...<br />
Mmm you ride.... okay I'm asking,,, can I have a patch and maybe you could show me how to pump this thing.....


But what's WRONG with being alone? At least that is sex with someone you love.

Re the inner tube thing; Those bike tube patches work on all sorts of blow-up things Glowy.

LOL.... Admit it! You were all thinking the same thing. Some just have more chutzpah.

* thanks the louts for getting me off the hook *

Inner tube patch? If you're not going to spring for a Real Doll" at least you could get one of the standard blow up dolls...<br />
<br />
*trying to puzzle out the inner tube thing" 0-o

Pump? You just need to put your lips together and blow.

Ummmm ..... directions... I think I'll need some directions on the proper use of your pump.

You can borrow my tire pump, the fun is in the pumping :)

'chopped liver" ... No FF you're certainly not!<br />
Not only were you so kind as to comment ... long before these louts, you were very discrete about your real opinion.<br />
BTW: You don't happen to have a can of new car spray scent or an inner-tube patch do you?

what am i, chopped liver?

some of us have discretion:-)


You could always talk dirty to yourself.

Come ON EPeeps! This has been here a whole day, viewed 30 times and only one comment. I know there is a herd of smartypants (like me) out there. So let me have it why dontya?

That is always a comfort :)