Dirty and Flirty

Whenever my gf and I get together in bed we can always find our conversation leading to talk about our previous partners.  Comparing the partners always makes for interesting conversation.  I was  not the one to use dirty talk  with my first partner, but now it is more common with my gf.  I never felt comfortable using dirty talk before, but now we use it sparingly and with more discretion to make our pillow talk more exciting. 

Shortly after we met, we made up a game of our own which we called "Peek a boo" where she used both of her big toes to push my foreskin up and down.  It caused a quick erection and we both laughed at the silliness of it.  It's now our private joke.  Also it made me like my penis more than before.  Strange to say that, but I really didn't like it before!

Before I moved, the two of us used to sit on the back porch in a glider stark naked and talk about everything imaginable as we watched the sun go down.  We made some great memories.  I consider her my best buddy because she and I got together when we both needed someone.  She got out of a 46 year marriage in which her ex husband treated her like a slave for his use.

I am in a dead end marriage where the wife is confined to a nursing home with MS.  We have no life together.  My life was not going anywhere.

We can talk dirty or we can talk clean.  We even lay in bed naked (neither of us wear clothes when we are home) and discuss religion and every other subject which comes to mind.  We discuss our personal fantasy and imagine new and different places to have sex.

One very special thing we did last year was to spend the 4th of July at a nudist resort.  In total, we must have spent about 60 hours or more completely nude with nothing more than shoes on our feet and glasses on our face!  It was a 4th of July to remember!  We had a cabin with mirrors on the wall which gave us a view of ourselves having sex and playing with each other.  What I thought was ED was simply a case of neglect of my ****!  Once I got it back to work, I had no problem getting it hard!

johnjacobean johnjacobean
61-65, M
May 22, 2009