Great Therapist And Nice Man

I have been to see other therapists before and never really clicked with one before now. My current therapist and I click. He takes a casual approach at the beginning of the appointment and asks something unrelated to the appointment like if i've done any thing nice in this beautiful weather then he gradually gets into the issues. This makes me feel really comfortable and not as stressed about talking about such distressing issues.

I was talking to a friend the other day and said I think I have a crush on my therapist, though not a sexual one and not one where I want it to be more than what it is, but merely look up to him very much. She said she had the same feelings about her therapist. She said to me it's easy to feel this way when they are so kind to you in a difficult time and say the right things and make you feel special as a person. She was right, that is why I like him, plus he has wonderful values and morals and I just think his wife is lucky to have him.

I'm so grateful I have met him though he really inspires me to make a difference in my life and makes me feel more positive about men in general, since my past experiences were not that great.

Any way glad I've found a therapist I can connect with, that really does help me to change and I'm happy to see on the professional level.
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May 24, 2012