I have just come back from a jog. It was sooo hot and my feet are hot and tired. My calves are starting to tighten and I am thinking that I might let one lucky footboi take off my trainers and take off my smelly white cotton socks. Ideally my footboi won't have to be told to take them off with teeth - he will instinctively know.

My feet will be so hot and smelly. If that footboi is truly worthy I will let him lick each toe lovingly and then the soles of my feet.

My feet will still need pampering - wouldn't your face make a lovely stool for my perfect feet?

YouMayWorshipMyFeet YouMayWorshipMyFeet
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3 Responses Aug 27, 2014

mmm i would love to lick them

I would use my teeth to remove your socks right away and clean your smelly feet with my tongue. I would provide you a footrest for hours with my face

mmmmmm.yes yes yes