omgosh, me to. lol. I cant stand it if its put on wrong. lol pam
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It is not OCD to put the roll on correctly - it only becomes OCD if you keep checking that it is on correctly over and over after you've fixed it.

Lol...Long as you dont have a policy that uses both sides to save money....

Good morning everyone. : )

lol, yep windyspirit. lol

I don't care if it is on the floor, as long as I can reach it....

firtech and doglady, i got a nice chuckle out of your comments. thanks, and your rite it is all good as long as its there, i just find the need to have it over instead of under. I hope its not a form of ocd. lol. pamela

I'm with firetech, as long as its somewhere in the bathroom (and that's a long shot at my house 'cause I live with teenagers who are challenged in the bathroom etiquette department) its all good!!!

i use to put it under now i put it over. my hubby also puts it wrong andi change it.

To me over or under, makes no difference. The most important issue is that it BE THERE!

lol it makes me crazy when my husband puts it on wrong, I just have to turn it around. It doesn't make us OCD or anything right?

or if you have children who don't like to put a roll on at all.