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I used to absolutely have to match my underwear and bra with my outfit. Im not sure why, I just felt more put together I guess. Ive never really been into clothes a lot, but I love a nice set of bra and panties. It's probably the most girly thing about me.
I still do match sometimes and if I don't well then it's something neutral that doesn't matter. I did let go of it a little through the child rearing know, just too busy to think about it, but I love to match when I can. :) If I have my choice of shopping sprees, it would for sure be for new undies. Although I shutter at the prices. 
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prices - try
They have great sales, deliver fast, and have good size charts.
Great customer service to!

I think you and Sun need to stop by every morning so I can inspect and approve... ;-)

Im sure you would like that, what would we tell wifey? LOL

That I've assumed a new position of accounting for underwear threads? lol you are good!

Oh no, please don't team up with Ammy...LOL.

WHAT! Sun...say it ain't are encouraging them now. :)

Irish, it seems you have the respect and attention of these ladies, so I will absolutely enlist your keen eye in my throbbing - I mean THRIVING - upstart business! ;-)

Ummm Sun.... ****waves her panties at her**** lol

Oh my! How did we go wrong here....What? Are we checking out theirs Sun? You know Ammy already has his banana peeled. LOL

Oh no need to blush honey! Here... Have a banana! ;-)

LOL I try... Fruit of the Loom... bananas? It goes hand in hand... wait that didn't sound right! ;-)

There is no answer. LOL

LOL, an upstanding member! Okay, I wanna see his standing member!

But thats just what we do! LOL

LOL maybe we need to form a new group irish.... the upstanding members of EP? ;-)

OMG, how do you do this? LOL! Okay, Sun stand up straight and let's give them a salute!

Hehee! :)

OMG irish, if thunder joins Sun and soul, we could be overmatched! Better beef up our MEMBERship!!! ;-)

@ thunder - if you don't wear panties, we stamp the number on your.... ;-)

Ammy, Im friends now with Thunder....LOL Fighting fire with thunder! Yaaaa hoooo!

As Astro Jetson would say.... "Ruh-roh!" ;-)


It seems I am outnumbered here right now.... okay ladies... time for inspection! ;-)

Whoa!!!! It's like you read my mind, thunder!!!! :-P

Ohhh yea, this is gonna be good! I love her already!

You two, heck you three.... are just the funnest bunch!!! :-) I don't know irish yet, but he seems to "fit right in" ;-)

We will soldier on, Irish. As long as they don't stick us on "guys underwear detail" lol


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+1 for undies!

:) Oh, Im getting points!

I can't really give you points. You're doing too well for that sort of thing.