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My Wife's Bushy *****

My wife's hairy vagina is natural and invitingly beautiful.

Wonderfully presented here -- nice and juicy

sunnyme999 sunnyme999 41-45, M 37 Responses Mar 27, 2012

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Damn she has fabulous curves! A sexy luscious bod and looks very inviting! Lucky men who get to have her!

How true, there's nothing to beat a bushy beaver, I find it highly erotic and her's is beautiful.

She sure is. What a sexy, inviting package.

Mmmm very nice

Damn hot add me please !!

Mmm can't beat bush

You're a lucky man. Your wife's ***** is beautiful and wonderfully lickable, looks to be a great ride. She's gorgeous!

Very nice bush

I love my wife's bush. I could also love your wife's

Love that nice ***** would love to play with that

I love it. mmmmmmmmmmmm!


Lovely natural.bush. Would like to be add to your circle.

YES! Sure looks inviting great photos. Would you add me?

Would love to have the oppturnity to explore it.

Great Bush,Thanks for sharing

Just magnified the photo to 300 per cent, I notice that I think she shaves her arm pit hair, that's a pity, I must admit my wife had one up on this lady, my wife never shaved her arm pits or pubic hair ever, but nevertheless, the photo is wonderful.

Very sexy!

Personally, I think that the vast majority of women , say about 95% do not shave or trim their pubic hair, however, this figure applies to ladies over 40 years of age. Younger women are more likely to shave or trim their pubic hair, particularly women under the age of 25.

SEXY MAN ... love tooooo seee more !!!

I like that from "srsrls" apart from the unshaved, untrimmed pubic hairs, the very juicy bit is correct as well. Like this lady, I have never shaved or trimmed my pubic hair ever as well.

looks very good. i bet it is very juicy

That's what it's supposed to look like

Wow, nothing to be ashamed off, lovely 'view' of a natural untrimmed hairy vagina on a very lovely lady, I wonder how many other ladies would pose for a photo of her private parts for the rest of the world to view, she does not even hide her face,a little, but people who knew her would recognize her, considering this post is not a pornographic site, she as I say is a very brave lady to do this, congratulations.

beautiful photograph of your wives natural unshaved hairy vagina, my wife is too shy to be photographed on the Internet, but she also has never shaved, cut, waxed or even trimmed a hair off her vagina ever.

I love all of these pics! Nice bush!

wow, your wife has a beautiful hairy *****, xx

Your wife is very good looking & sexy......Luv the nice bush & natural are a lucky man !!

absolutely gorgeous,

oh dear.... I need a ****!

nice pics! would love to lick that **** with hair all over my more pics...good looking wife.

Great looking wife you have. I would love to be able to shoot *** inside that pretty lady. Her pale skin is so sexy, not to mention her body shape, legs, and especially between her legs. From what you show of her face she looks like a very beautiful woman. Best to you.

That looks so hot looking i don't know why some guys don't like it! I think it just is so sexy the only thing that would make these pictures better is one showing *** running out of her ***** and her hair around that **** matted with *** that would be so hot!!

Luv to eat her hairy treat.

She has such a beautiful body!

Would love to see it

sorry, the picture did not get included; don't know why