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My Wifes *****

I really wish I could have grabbed my camera last night to take some pics of my wifes hairy ****. I told her several months ago she could not trim or shave her pubes till I said it was okay to do so. Well she listened well and I was thrilled with what I found last night. Because of monthly, vacation and other factors, I haven't seen her ***** in a couple of weeks. As her ***** was in show for me last night, in full view, I was treated to a real throwback 1960s pinup full bush that drove me wild. I buried my face in her crotch nuzzling her thick hairy labia and pubic mound. I'm getting hard now just thinking bout it. Viva la ***** hair!
luvprettytoes luvprettytoes 46-50, M 5 Responses Mar 28, 2013

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Love hairy *****

prefer shaven myself!

l too adore a lady's naturally hairy ***** ! how it looks and feels against my face and my **** ! i love how it looks matted down with both of our *** in and on it ! mmmmm

would you share a pic of this beautiful bush?

Would like to see that nice full bush & it's really sexy !

And when she's clean it tastes amazing!

Nothing like the taste of fresh clean ***** !